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2011 Year in Video

Once again, Tim Amyx has put together an incredible video to recap 2011. Here's the short version. Contact Tim to order the extended 20 minute version!

2011 Christmas Relay Results

Team and individual times from the 2011 Christmas Relays are below, as well as results from prior years. Are you getting better at this?

Times from 2011
Times from 2010
Times from 2009
Times from 2008

USATF Cross Country Club Championships

The ladies (and Frank) enjoying a post-race photo op. Results from Cross Country Nationals may be found here.

Kennedy and Pilcher Win 2011 Masters LDR Awards

USATF Press Release. Masters Long Distance Running Committee gives Awards to two of our favorite athletes. Scroll down to the last entry in the meeting notes to find Christine and Brian.

California International Marathon: Tamalpa Results

Thanks to Frank Ruona, we have Tamalpa specific results from Sunday's race. Conditions were good this year: almost no wind, certainly no rain, and not too cold. Congratulations to all.

Place Name Sex Age Gun Time Pace Net Time 5.9M Half 20M
38 Lopez, Harlan M 26 2:30:05 5:44 2:30:02 33:35 1:15:18 1:54:36
72 Lavallee, Andrew M 22 2:35:59 5:58 2:35:56 34:14 1:16:36 1:58:13
74 Pilcher, Brian M 55 2:36:18 5:58 2:36:18 32:21 1:14:52 1:56:21
184 Spinosa, Rob M 41 2:49:31 6:29 2:49:24 38:21 1:24:51 2:08:34
186 Kiehfuss, Tom M 42 2:49:39 6:29 2:49:31 38:22 1:24:51 2:08:42
262 O'Reilly, Tom M 54 2:55:04 6:41 2:54:57 38:44 1:27:20 2:13:12
276 Gonzales, Ralph M 47 2:55:40 6:43 2:55:32 38:23 1:26:59 2:14:02
387 Valla, Andy M 40 3:01:18 6:56 3:01:10 38:23 1:27:36 2:16:02
455 Yergensen, Erik M 27 3:04:57 7:04 3:04:50 39:20 1:28:31 2:15:31
469 Howard, Jim M 57 3:05:50 7:06 3:05:42 38:40 1:27:17 2:15:32
758 Schieffer, Joseph M 60 3:18:45 7:36 3:18:39 42:30 1:39:38 2:31:46
1007 Itano, Stephen M 52 3:26:19 7:53 3:25:40 45:09 1:41:02 2:34:11
1059 Zhang, Yanning M 53 3:27:44 7:56 3:26:38 43:42 1:39:19 2:33:52
1095 Sullivan, Mike M 52 3:28:43 7:58 3:28:39 44:34 1:40:30 2:35:17
1325 Morris, James M 62 3:34:28 8:12 3:34:07 46:42 1:44:43 2:41:53
1327 Neer, William M 52 3:34:30 8:12 3:34:02 45:13 1:41:59 2:38:59
1374 Howland, Jeri F 55 3:35:47 8:15 3:34:57 46:15 1:44:34 2:40:06
1721 Hamer, Chris F 55 3:44:58 8:36 3:43:56 46:49 1:46:11 2:46:44
1954 Ray, Jocelyn F 43 3:50:56 8:49 3:49:29 49:50 1:53:35 2:55:23
3293 Watson, Cynthia F 49 4:22:34 10:02 4:20:09 55:58 2:03:48 3:11:44
4466 Cowdrey, Bob M 67 4:54:22 11:15 4:54:15 51:44 2:07:43  
4592 Wong, Glenda F 54 4:58:06 11:23 4:53:50 1:04:55 2:26:22 3:43:35
5596 Phythian, Phil M 77 6:01:53 13:49 6:01:26 1:14:00 2:54:14 4:30:48
5615 Shaffer, Judi F 51 6:03:40 13:53 5:59:51 1:05:44 2:42:24 4:25:56

Full (unofficial) Results Here

November TCRS Results


32nd Annual Couples Relay

It's time for the 32nd annual Couples Relay! This year's race will take place on Feb. 12, 2012 at 9 a.m. at Vintage Oaks. Same course as past years. Male/female couples team up to take on the four-mile relay, with each partner running two one-mile laps. Ask your partner now! Divisions include open, married, father/daughter/granddaughter, mother/son/granddson, gay/lesbian couples (two men are not eligible for the overall win), and children. $30 per couple, t-shirts to all couples that register beforehand and to first-come, first-serve after that. Lots and lots of prizes. You can register online at active.com:


We also need as much help as we can get, both beforehand and on race day. If you want to help, email Kelly O'Mara at kelly.dunleavy@gmail.com

Tamalpa Holiday Party

Tamalpa Holiday Party, Friday Dec. 9, 2011, Mill Valley Outdoor Club, 1 W Blythdale, Mill Valley, 7:00PM. Dinner by Gira Polli. Wine, beer, dessert included. Music by DJ St. Patrick. Tickets available at the door for $30, or $20 after dinner.

Tamalpa One Hour Run Results


Johnny Lawson Tamalpa Challenge Preliminary Results


New Date for November TCRS

The November TCRS will be held on the Redwood High School 5-K course that we’ve used for the past number of years, but the date has been changed from the 13th to the 27th. Apologies to anyone for whom this is not a good change, and for the lateness of the change. The course is a flat out-and-back on the nearby bike path, entirely on asphalt. Meet in front of the Redwood High gymnasium, 9:00 a.m. start. To reach the start, take the Lucky Drive turn-off from Highway 101, and proceed west on Doherty Drive to the school.

Johnny Lawson Tamalpa Challenge XC Race

The Johnny Lawson Tamalpa Challange Cross Country Races, named after Johnny Lawson, shown at left with Bill Rodgers, will be held on Saturday, October 29th. For all the details click here. For results click here.

October TCRS Results


Please Say Thank You With Your Vote

Please vote for the reelection of College of Marin Trustees Eva Long and Jim Namnath, who were stalwart supporters of the successful effort to save the COM track. In December 2011, two years after disclosure of the initial plan to permanently demolish the track, COM will complete the renovation of this vital facility, which is central to the college’s athletic programs and is the only such facility in Southern Marin that is nearly-always open to the community. While some other board members were openly hostile to public opinion, viewing it as a challenge to their authority, Trustees Long and Namnath understood the alignment of public interest and the long-term needs of the college. Unfortunately, Long and Namnath were unsuccessful at convincing COM to allocate the small amount of additional funds necessary to finish the track with the surface that is most long-lived and modularly repairable (and therefore less likely to once again fall into disrepair). But many of us in the community are thankful for what they did accomplish in saving the COM Track, and more broadly, consistently standing up for the most fiscally prudent long-term solutions. Show your gratitude by voting for Eva Long and Jim Namnath.

In addition to supporting our COM Trustee friends Eva Long and Jim Namnath with our votes for their reelection, it is important that we also vote for new candidate Jack Wilkonson. Jack has been at many of the COM meetings this year and has been unusually articulate and outspoken in his advocacy for fiscal prudence -- he has wisely opposed plans to knock down perfectly useable existing buildings and replace them with outlandishly high cost per square foot new ones. Jack's positions also seem to align with Eva and Jim's, and as such, a vote for him will also politically strengthen those who have helped us with the COM track. --Mimi

Please vote for Eva Long, Jim Namnath, and Jack Wilkonson for College of Marin Trustee.

Senior Women Take Gold at USA Masters 5km Championships

The Tamalpa Senior Women's team captured the gold medal at the 2011 USATF 5 km Championships in Syracuse, New York, winning by almost 7 minutes. Team members included Christine Kennedy (18:56), Karen Steele (20:33), and Mimi Willard (20:53). Christine Kennedy achieved an Age Grade of 95.60%.

Brian Pilcher ran 16:34, placing third in the Overall Men's Age Grade rankings at 92.79%.

USATF web site results can be found here.

New Location for October TCRS

The location of the October 9th TCRS has been changed from Deer Park to Crown Road in Kentfield. Apologies for the late notice of this change. We will do the flat course out to the Corte Madera gate and back (approximately 5.5 miles). 9:00 a.m. start. Parking is very limited, so please park at the College of Marin and car-pool as much as possible. To reach the course, enter Kent Woodlands on Woodland Avenue (directly across from the College of Marin Physical Education complex) and turn left on Evergreen. Proceed about one mile up a fairly steep hill, and turn left on Crown Road, which dead-ends at the trail-head.

Election of Tamalpa Board Members and Officers

Elections are on Monday, October 3rd at 7:00pm at the Round Table Pizza in Strawberry. If you are interested in joining Tamalpa's Board or participating in the voting, please attend.

The John Lawson Tamalpa Challenge

The John Lawson Tamalpa Challenge, part of the Pacific Association USATF Cross Country Series, will be held on Saturday, October 29 at Rodeo Valley, GGNRA. Race times are:

Get all the info here. If you would like to volunteer at this event or have questions not answered on the race webpage, contact Contact Ken Grebenstein at kengreb@comcast.net or 302-3340

2011 Hill Climb Results

2011 Hill Climb results can be found here. For comparison purposes previous years' results are below.

September TCRS Results


Results for September Track Meet

Lots of running and socializing and charity at the Steve Lyons/Lori Cohen track meet. Race results for the final Tamalpa track meet of 2011 are here. Another huge thank you to Frank Ruona and the volunteer crew for their patient and committed work. If you have corrections to results, please email Tom.

Tamalpa Headlands 50k Results and (new) Splits

2011 Results

2011 Splits

Eight Years of Hill Climb Results

Click here for this year's race info.

Quad Dipsea Sold Out, Tamalpa Headlands 50K Getting Close

With over two months until race day the Quad Dipsea has sold out (entrant list), you can get on the wait list here.

The Tamalpa Headlands 50K, which will be run on August 27th, is about 90% full (entrant list), so if you want to race it you should register now.

August TCRS Results


9th Annual Dipsea Hike/Run Lite

Zero Breast Cancer, a San Rafael-based nonprofit focused on research, prevention and education, is making plans for the ninth annual Dipsea Hike/Run Lite to honor former Tamalpa Runners, Annie Fox and Jerry Leith, set for Sept. 17th from 8:00 am to 1:00 pm.

The fundraiser is designed to raise awareness about the benefits of physical activity in reducing the risk of breast cancer. It is non-competitive and open to all ages.

After finishing the course, a six-mile loop that starts and ends at Old Mill Park in Mill Valley, there will be a free lunch for participants, mini-massages and jazz music.

Individual and group participants can register online at www.zerobreastcancer.org or by calling 507-1949.

For individuals, registration is $35. Student registration is $20. Children age 10 and under are free.

Mt Tam Hill Climb - Labor Day (9/5/11)

Roger Gordon's Mt Tam Hill Climb has taken place for over 30 years. It starts in downtown Mill Valley at the old train depot (The Depot) on Labor Day. Don't let the short distance of the race fool you, the trail goes from sea level to the door of the fire lookout at over 2500 feet of elevation. Awards and party at Roger's follow the race. Please bring an item to share for the brunch.
Please note the entry fee increase to $20.

Start Time: 8:00 AM
Entry Fee: $20
Contact Information: jakburns@earthlink.net

Tamalpa Track Meet # 4

We had lots of runners show up for a fine summer evening track meet: not too hot, not too cold. Thanks to Frank for coordinating and to the volunteers for their focus and commitment. Results for the fourth Tamalpa track meet of 2011 are here.

July TCRS Results


Tamalpa Track Meet # 3

Results for the third Tamalpa track meet of 2011 are here.

The Tamalpa Headlands 50K is coming up on August 27th. Check the race website to register or volunteer and for details including an updated course map.

2011 WMA World Track & Field Championships

Good job at WMA everyone! Race results courtesy of Frank, with a few non-Tamalpans thrown in for comparisons.

W55 5000 Meter Run Place Name Age Team Time
1 Kennedy, Christine W56 United States 19:36.6
2 Martin, Kathryn W59 United States 19:58.7
13 Wells, Mary W56 United States 23:20.4
W50 5000 Meter Run 9 Steele, Karen W53 United States 20:54.4
W45 5000 Meter Run 8 Schmitt, Laura W47 United States 19:55.4
M70 5000 Meter Run 5 Schmid, Hans M71 United States 19:56.4
M65 5000 Meter Run 11 Goldman, Leonard M66 United States 20:04.3
M60 5000 Meter Run 1 Oxland, David M60 Great Britain 17:19.3
2 Shaheed, Nolan M61 United States 17:19.6
14 Schieffer, Joseph M60 United States 19:46.0
M55 5000 Meter Run 6 Fanelli, Mike M55 United States 20:43.9
M50 5000 Meter Run 5 Pilcher, Brian M54 United States 16:36.7
M45 5000 Meter Run 10 Wallen, Tim M47 United States 16:36.4


A great Tamalpan. Sam passed away June 24, 2011, due to complications from cancer. There will be a memorial for Sam on July 17, 2011, at 3:30 pm,at Deer Park Villa in Fairfax. Sam will be sorely missed by all his running friends.

Western State 100

A lot of fantastic results from Tamalpans this weekend at the Western States 100, the following list was compiled by Frank Ruona:

1Kilian Jornet15:34:00M23
2Mike Wolfe15:38:00M33
5Tsuyoshi Kaburaki16:04:00M42
8Dave Mackey16:36:00M41Tamalpa
14Glen Redpath16:57:00M45Former Tamalpa
16Brett Rivers17:37:00M29Tamalpa
18Ellie Greenwood17:55:00F32
21Karl Hoagland18:15:00M46Tamalpa
22Kami Semick18:17:00F44
25Rory Bosio18:37:00F26
29Meghan Arbogast18:50:00F50
30Lon Freeman19:10:00M36Tamalpa
42Timothy Fitzpatrick20:08:00M50Tamalpa
49Kevin Rumon20:44:00M50Tamalpa
74Scott Mills22:11:00M60
82Ted Knudsen22:39:00M42Tamalpa
99Will Aarsheim23:23:00M42Former Tamalpa
109Craig Bronstein23:37:00M55Tamalpa
129Rick Gaston24:50:00M39Tamalpa
150Erika Lindland25:54:00F29Tamalpa
236John Catts28:20:00M57Tamalpa
250Charles Savage28:44:00M63Tamalpa
297Ana Braga-Levaggi29:43:00F51Tamalpa
303Dan Williams29:47:00M62Former Tamalpa

Tamalpa Runners 2011 Mid-Season PA Racing Report

With the completion of the Downtown San Rafael Mile, we have completed 6 of 11 PAUSATF Grand Prix Road Races on the 2011 Schedule (12 team races with the Christmas Relays). Leading the way for the Tamalpa Runners are Valerie Young, Karen Steele, Christine Kennedy, Jesse Regnier and Mike Holland who are leading either the long or short Grand Prix in their Age Group Divisions. Also, YiOu Wang, Beth Freedman, Patti Shore, Elizabeth Shortino, Kathy Herzog, Mary Wells, Tamara Gonzalez, Janet Kjelmyr, Edda Stickle, Katie Martin, Harlan Lopez, Tim Wallen, Tom O'Reilly, Brian Pilcher, Bruce Benter, Arturo Rodriguez, Don Porteous, Len Goldman, Hans Schmid, Russ Kiernan, Bernie Holland and Elmo Shropshire are in the top 10 of their age groups in either the long or short, or both, road racing grand prix circuits. In the Top 50 Pacific Association Age Graded Performers for 2011, the Tamalpa Runners have the top two performers plus 9 of the top 50 performers.

Rank Runner Time Age-Grade Race
1 Christine Kennedy, 56 1:03:54 0.9607 NorCal John Frank Memorial 10-Mile
2 Brian Pilcher, 54 34:28:00 0.9203 Marin Memorial Day 10K
10 Karen Steele, 53 19:46 0.8892 New Balance Excelsior Zippy 5K
13 Tom O'Reilly, 54 17:11 0.8869 New Balance Excelsior Zippy 5K
23 YiOu Wang, 26 34:38:00 0.8758 Marin Memorial Day 10K
29 Len Goldman, 66 40:33:00 0.8690 Marin Memorial Day 10K
31 Jim Howard, 56 1:01:13 0.8668 NorCal John Frank Memorial 10-Mile
36 Tim Wallen, 47 34:41:00 0.8642 Marin Memorial Day 10K
47 Valerie Young, 44 1:01:55 0.8577 NorCal John Frank Memorial 10-Mile

Tamalpa Teams currently in first place on the Road Racing Grand Prix are the Masters and Senior Women and the Senior Men. The Open Men are currently in 8th place; Open Women are 3rd; Masters Men are 4th; Super Senior Men are 2nd; and the Veteran men are 2nd. Tamalpa is doing well, but will have to field scoring teams in the remaining road races if we are going to finish strong. Let's be ready to send full scoring teams to the Humboldt Half Marathon October 16, 2011. --Frank

Tamalpa Track Meet # 2

Results for the second Tamalpa track meet of 2011 are here.

After fighting the wind and rain at the May Tamalpa Track Meet, we were blessed with a warm, sunny evening for our June Tamalpa Track Meet. The July Track Meet is scheduled for Tuesday, July 12, 2011. If anyone wants to add any races to the meet other than our standard events, please let Frank know and he will try to accommodate your request. We had 31 runners at the June Track Meet and hope to see more in July.

Dipsea Tribute from Sam Lueck

San Rafael Mile Results and Video

Results for the third annual San Rafael Mile can be found here. Given the many start times, this is a very difficult event to manage, but thanks to a a huge effort by Jason Jacobson and many volunteers (including many Tamalpans, PA certified officials, the City of San Rafael, and a new timing company), the races came off very well. Except for a few sleepy Tamalpans, all the runners found their age-groups at the starting line up on Fifth Street and had the opportunity to test their fitness against a one-mile course. With video footage courtesy of Tom Lyons: here.

Memorial Day Races Results and Photos

Results for the 10k can be found here and the 5k here. Photos from Craig Stern are also available. Thanks to all who volunteered or raced!

Tamalpa Track Meet # 1

Results for first Tamalpa track meet of 2011 are here. A big thank you to Frank Ruona for directing the meet and to the many volunteers for helping out in spite of the rain.

Marinwood TCRS

Results for TCRS #5 are here.

New Events Added to Calendar

Be sure to check the calendar in the right-hand column for several new events including three from Marin Runs - Novato Let's Move 5K and 1 Mile, the 3rd Annual San Rafael One Mile and the 4th Annual Marin County 4th of July Races. Also added are two major races sponsored by Tamalpa. The first of these is The Marin Memoiral Day Races, featuring the fast PAUSATF 10k, the Don Ritchie 5k and youth races. Also sponsored by Tamalpa and back under new managment after a two year hiatus is the Tamalpa Headlands 50k, which is run on one of the most beautiful and challanging 50k courses on the planet. Along with upcoming TCRSs, Tamalpa track meets and a low key trail race this should be enough to keep even Jason Reed busy.

Salmon Run Info

A message from Jerry Leith: Fellow runners, it's the time of year again for one of our favorite runs, the Dipsea will be challenging us to improve our time and place at the finish line. Our Salmon run is entering its 23rd year in promoting the race while providing food and beverages after the practice run. Our first scheduled run is May 26 and the second on June second. So please give me a call early in the week for totaling numbers, food you may bring, and offer of transportation to bring us back over the mountain. The rides back are always the unknown, so any help in that area would be appreciated. Call at 415- 924-5037 early in the week and thanks. - Jerry

Run to Your Library!

Elmer Jan of the Marin County Library has just sent us the Library's 2011 running resource guide. This guide includes many new running book titles and websites, so take a look at The Guide.

Ignacio Valley TCRS

Results for TCRS # 4 are here and photos taken by Isabel Tracy and passed along by her father Stephen are here. If you would like a full resolution image of any of the images, send an email to webmaster@tamalparunners.org and I'll pass your request along to Stephen.

At left is Amanda Morales, who finsished third, with only 100 meters or so to go.

Across The Bay 12k Results

Forty Tamalpans braved the elements at last weekend's venture over the GGB. The team results have now been posted here and Tamalpa came away with wins by the masters and senior women and senior men. Also an in-the-money third place finish for the open women and a close second for the super-senior men. Harlan Lopez and Jesse Regnier once again finished in the top ten overall in the very competitive open field. Christine Kennedy put up another statistical outlier age-graded 94+%. (Given the conditions and hilly course, no one else in the men's or women's fields touched 87%).

The Pacific Association road series takes a break until the back-to-back 5ks at Zippy and Big Sur on April 24 and May 1; see the PA Road Grand Prix schedule. Winter has to be over by then (right?).

College of Marin Track Renovation Funded. Many Thanks to All who Helped Achieve Success

Hurray! The Board of the College of Marin last night approved a plan put forward by the college's new President, Dr. David Wain Coon, allocating funds from Bond Measure C to various modernization projects including the renovation of the track and field facility. The resolution set aside $1.25 million for a Mondo (long-life, modular) track and, depending on how far the funds can be stretched, renovation of the area for field events and new bleachers.

Many, many thanks to all of you who helped achieve this success. Since July, we have doggedly pursued this project, fighting first to rescue the track from demolition, and then for funds to complete its renovation. An exceptional number of people have given so generously and repeatedly of their time. The coalition included COM faculty, students, and alumni; Tamalpa Runners and Marin Racewalkers; Friends of Kentfield; track and field coaches; and concerned citizens. Thank you all for tirelessly attending the many board meetings wearing your gold 'Save the COM Track' tees and generously contributing your time to planning and organizing. We have preserved a priceless and historic Marin asset, for the use of current and future generations. - Mimi Willard

And of course special thanks for Mimi for driving this effort forward!

Marincello TCRS

Results for TCRS # 3 are here.

NorCal Results

The 2011 Pacific Association road series got off to a rousing start at the NorCal 10 mile in Redding, with twenty or so Tamalpans taking part. New Tamalpan Jesse Regnier beat almost everyone to the finish, getting edged out at the line in a sterling time of 51:55 on the rolling course. Harlan Lopez followed in eighth place overall in 54:07. Valerie Young was first master and third woman overall in 61:55. Christine Kennedy put up another stunning age grade of 96% with a 63:54 finish as first senior. Val and Chris appear to have led their respective teams to wins on the day. The Tamalpa senior men also appear to have emerged with a team win. The veterans men had a good showing with Hans Schmid continuing his unbroken string of division wins. Results

Across the Bay is next on March 20 (Sunday). Get your apps in by March 11 to get in the first wave and join the fun. Sign up here.

Hamilton TCRS Results

The rain cleared for a sunny day on a nice course: lots of twists and turns and two fabulous hill climbs. Thanks to Mike Holland, Jim Myers, Lillie O'Reilly and all the volunteers for managing the race. Results

Couples Relay Results

A good turnout and a great time. Thanks to RD Brian Valle and all the volunteers for putting the race on. Results

COM Trustees Meeting Feb 15 - Please Attend and Lend Your Support

The next meeting of the College of Marin Board of Trustees is Tuesday, February 15, 6:30PM, Kentfield Campus, Student Services Building. We believe that support is gelling for the college to fund a renovation of the 400 meter regulation track (using proceeds from the Bond Measure C, which targets renovation of campus facilities and fields). The Board Packet shows that COM President Dr. David Coon is proposing that the college fully fund a high quality renovation of the track, installing a high-performance long-life Mondo surface. The vote to allocate the funds should be soon - most likely at the March 15th Trustees meeting (same place and time as above).

Trustees tell us that our ongoing visibility on the track issue is key to solidifying the support needed to get approval for the funding of the renovation. Please, please, continue to lend your support by showing up on Tuesday night, February 15. Wear you're a gold "Save the COM Track" tee if you have one.

Questions? Contact mimiwillard@gmail.com

Adidas Sponsorship Ending

Last week we learned that our two-year sponsorship by Adidas would be coming to an end, as Adidas informed us that its marketing budget for 2011 would not allow for the continuation of the sponsorship. This is a disappointing turn of events but the club remains no less dedicated to the success of its racing programs. The Tamalpa Board will consider promptly alternative means of rewarding and providing for the needs of the club members who contribute to the success of these programs. Keep training and stay tuned.

Erik Olson Wins Junior Race at USATF Cross-Country Championships

Erik Olson, formally of Novato High and now at Stanford won the Junior Race (participants must be 14 years or older on the day of competition and may not become 20 years of age during 2011) at USATF Cross-Country Championships on Saturday, February 5th. This 8K race was was the selection race for the USA Junior team that will compete at this March's World Cross-Country event in Spain. Erik has already expressed his intent to race the Worlds. Full results will be here eventually and you can see the impressive list of past winners here.

Tamalpa Runners Profiled in Norcal Running Magazine

The latest issue of Norcal Running Magazine is available for free at your local running store. This issue's "Club Spotlight" focuses on Tamalpa and features a group photo and interviews with Kees and Michael Holland. If you can't make it to the local running store - you can always view it online at norcalrunning.com.

Please Vote: Marin IJ Poll regarding COM Track

Today's article on the front page of the Marin IJ regarding the possible allocation of funds for renovating the track has, not unexpectedly, provoked a little backlash. PLEASE, everyone, take 10 secs RIGHT NOW and register your support for the college spending Measure C funds to renovate the track. All you have to do is click on the link below and find the poll about 1/3 the way down the front page on the right side under the heading "Back up to snuff".


If you haven't already read the article, you can find it here.

January 2011 TCRS Results

The results are here. Thanks to the many people on the support team for braving the cold temps.

Roger's Super Bowl Run on February 6th

Get the details here.

Mackey Wins National 100k Trails Race; Tamalpans Lead Pacific Ultra Standings

Over the weekend, Tamalpan Dave Mackey (who set a course record winning the Firetrails 50M in October), acomplished the same feat in winning the USATF national 100k trail championships held in the Texas hill country outside San Antonio. Results are here.

In other Tamalpa ultra news, Erika Lindland (F20-29), Victor Ballesteros (M30-39) and Diana Fitzpatrick (F50-59) finished at the top of the standings in their respective age divisions in 2010 Pacific Association ultra racing competition. Standings are here.

Congratulations to all.

COM Track Funding Vote 1/18. Need EVERYONE to Attend Board meeting.

After months of inaction, the College of Marin trustees will consider funding for the much needed track renovation at the January 18 Board meeting. Your participation resulted in a first round victory, with the board committing to continuing to have a 400 meter regulation track. However, unless the board decides to renovate the track using available Measure C bond funds, there is the very real possibility that the track will be gradually decommissioned for safety reasons, or leased to an outside party - both of which would compromise the school's athletic programs and community access.

To help ensure that the board endorses funds for renovation of the track, it is imperative that we produce a strong show of community sentiment at the next COM Board meeting, Tuesday January 18, 6:30PM in the Student Center at the Kentfield campus. At that meeting, the college's dynamic new President, who has reached out to our Save the Track group, will make a comprehensive proposal for allocation of Measure C funds. We are hopeful this will include renovating the track. Your participation is key. It is understandable if you are weary of this issue and feel you have already done your bit.

Perhaps you don't run on the track, but certainly you have friends to whom the track is vital and moreover, it is important that we speak up regarding the need to defend our community college assets from neglect, deterioration, and/or an insidious trend to privatization of our cherished taxpayer-funded resources. So, please, show up once more, for what we hope will be a final, victorious session. If you have a gold Save the COM track tee, please wear it, as a sea of gold speaks volumes about voter sentiment on this issue. If not, please try to borrow a gold tee; we will also have for sale that night the remaining tees, but there are a limited number in size small only.

Your contributions of time and meeting participation to date have been awesome. Without that, we would not have gotten this far. There is now an excellent chance of a high quality renovation of the COM 400 meter track in 2011. Please come help make this a reality.

New Year's Run 2011

Thanks to Gayle and Jack Burns, Tamalpa had another well organized New Year's day run. Click the above image for the full size picture

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Apr 09 - TCRS # 4, Terra Linda

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