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April TCRS and Awards Breakfast

April TCRS and Awards Breakfast is on SATURDAY, April 26th. The front page of the Gazette says Sunday but we are indeed running and eating on Saturday at the Lucas Valley Community Center.

As usual, the race starts at 9:00 am. This year's course is a totally new one. It starts and finishes at the Community Center and incorporates the rolling residential streets of Lucas Valley. All but one mile of the 5.5 miles is on pavement, so wear your road shoes. Breakfast and awards start immediately thereafter.

March TCRS Results

Results from Sunday's race up and down Horse Hill are available on the March results page. If you spot an error, please send an email to webmaster@tamalparunners.org.

New Date for April TCRS

The April TCRS has been rescheduled for Saturday, April 26th. Scheduling conflict with April 27th and the Lucas Valley Community Center. This is the TCRS where we have the yearly Awards Ceremony, and some food, after the race.

February TCRS Results

Results from Sunday's race thru the oak woodlands of Novato are available here. If you spot an error in the results, you can send an email to webmaster@tamalparunners.org.

Youth Training

Know some kids who would like to get outside and run this spring. Check out youth running opportunities with Tamalpa Bobcats or with Marin Youth Trail Runs here.

2014 Couples Relay Results

Results from the Couples Relay are here. Thanks to Kelly Dunleavy O'Mara for directing again and to volunteers for keeping the buses and cars from driving over the runners.

29th Annual Roger Gordon’s Handicapped Super Bowl 7 Mile Race

Super Bowl Sunday, February 2, 2014  - 10:00 AM (If you expect that your time will exceed 80 minutes running time, arrive at 9:30 for an earlier start.)

Prizes: Sparkling Wine to the Winner - Wine Prizes to #2 thru #24 Finishers

New Start/Finish Location: The parking lot at the Mill Valley Golf Course - 287 Buena Vista Ave, MV

Course: The course will hew as close as possible to the traditional Super Bowl race course, but with a different start/finish. For those you who haven't run it: Lots of hills, mostly fire road, some trail - up and down and up over Blithedale Ridge. A fairly tough 7 miles.

Parking: There is no public parking at lot where the race starts and finishes. The nearest parking can be found at the Boyle Park parking lot (Thalia St. access), about a 1/4 mile from the start; or on Bay Tree Lane (off of Country Club Dr.), about 300 yards from the start. Do Not park in the Mill Valley Tennis club parking lot!

Directions: Go West on E Blithedale off Hwy 101. Just past East Street and Boyle Park (at tennis courts), turn right onto Carmelita Ave. Continue on Carmelita past Sunny Side to Buena Vista. You will see signs for Mill Valley Golf Course. Turn right onto Buena Vista and continue to city parking lot just past the club house.

Map: https://goo.gl/maps/wAOiy

Entry Fee: $15.00

Handicapper: Dave Covey

No Post Race Party - No Food - No Frills

Questions? Call Jack Burns 415-699-9891

January TCRS Results

We are just starting with TCRS racing for 2014. Results from Sunday's run to the beach are available here.

Couples Relay

Just in time for Valentine's Day! Tamalpa Runners is pleased to present the 34th Annual Couples Relay on Feb. 9 at Vintage Oaks in Novato. The female partner runs two laps around the shopping center on a one-mile loop, then tags their male partner, who runs the same course. There are lots of awards – two to five deep in divisions based on the combined age of the couple. And, lots of divisions -- open, married, father/daughter, mother/son, or grandparent/grandchild categories. Ask a special someone to run or get to know someone new to run with.

Register at active.com here.

Official Tamalpa Holiday Party - Saturday, January 18

Come celebrate with your fellow teammates and dance the night away with The Overcommitments, one of the most popular bands in the Bay Area. The Seahorse Restaurant in Sausalito will play host to our private party, serving up a meal to keep your energy going, including appetizers, salads, pasta, dessert and 2 drinks per person (alchoholic or non-alcoholic). There will also be no-host bar open in case you are still thirsty.

Get the details and scoop up your tickets here.

2014 TCRS Schedule

Variety is the Rule for This Year's TCRS's.

2013 was a terrific year for the Club runners who excel in our TCRS races. 2014 promises to be equally enjoyable as we have planned an impressive variety of race offerings that should appeal to everyone. We'll keep some familiar favorites, and throw in some older courses that will take many of you down memory lane.

January (the 12th) starts the series with our traditional Tennessee Valley dash to the beach and back. Will we see another course record this year? In February (the 16th) we'll tackle the challenging hills and single track of Indian Valley. March (the 9th) takes us to a locale we haven't seen in many years - Horse Hill in Mill Valley. April (the 6th) returns us to the Lucas Valley Community Center for our annual Awards Breakfast and a hilly preprandial assault on the surrounding slopes. In May (the 11th) we will run the longest TCRS we've seen in quite some time, almost 9 miles from San Marin High School to the end of Stafford Lake. That's like an ultra for us TCRS'ers. July (the 19th) is our annual and always popular Golf/Run evening duathalon at Smith Ranch. And yes, the big hill will be in play! August (the 10th) gives us a relatively new course high up in Tam Valley. September (the 14th) is almost the mirror of August when we sky along the Alta Fire Road above Marin City. October (the 12th) returns us to the incredibly popular Bahia Vista/Rush Creek trails. Finally, we end the year in November (the 30th) with the 5K at Redwood High bike path. The traditional table view of the 2014 schedule is available here.

As we always disclaim, these dates are subject to change depending on PA races, etc.etc.etc.

Two more things: we will also be awarding some type of prize to the winners of the age divisions. Don't know what yet, but it will be worth having. And, we would love to see many more of you out there for these races. The TCRS is always a challenge with excellent competition. It's also a wonderful opportunity to see some club members you don't bump into on your familiar runs in Marin.

New Year's Morning Run

Once again Jack Burns is organizing a New Year's morning run starting at Deer Park. This run always gets a BIG turnout - this year Jack is hoping for a 100+ runners. Everyone starts running together, but the run splits into groups that go varying distances at different speeds. All are welcome!

The run, as usual, starts at Deer Park School in Fairfax at 10:00 AM. I look forward to seeing everyone. Call if you have questions. 415 699-9891 Jack Burns

December TCRS Results

We are all done with TCRS racing for 2013. Results from Sunday's run along the bike trails are available here. Overall and Division standings to be published in The Gazette this week.

The John Lawson Tamalpa Challenge Results and Photos

Results are on the PAUSATF website. Lots of photos by Pam Wendell on Facebook, (you'll need to log in) go to the men's masters photos and the women's photos.

October TCRS Results

Results from Sunday's run thru the hills of Indian Valley are here. See you at the last TCRS of 2013 in December.

2013 Cross Country

Two photos from Garin Park of some Tamalpans preparing to race thru a field of gopher holes. Click on the picture for a good look.

Fat Burning Training - Pairing Nutrition and Exercise, with Sunny Blende and Tim Fleming!

This event will be held at the SF Running Company and is FREE. More info is here.

Join us at 7pm after our Wednesday 6pm all-levels fun run for a great presentation and Q and A on "Fat Burning Training" with sports nutritionist Sunny Blende! We are also excited to have Tim Fleming join the presentation as head of the eLab at the Endurance Performance Training Center in Mill Valley!

This will be a fantastic presentation and a follow up to what Sunny discussed in her earlier sports nutrition presentations at SFRC. Come listen to the latest approaches on how to transition to use fat as your fuel source for endurance training and racing. Tim will speak on metabolic efficiency training and how to find your ideal zones for fat burning and carb burning while training and racing. Our GM Jorge Maravilla recently worked with Tim on metabolic efficiency testing at his lab.

2003 Tamalpa Year in Video - Finale

Tim Amyx sent the video below from back when we were young(ish).

September TCRS Results

Results from Sunday's run thru the hills above Terra Linda, Sleepy Hollow, San Rafael, and San Anselmo are available here.

September Track Meet Results

Results from the last 2013 track meet are available from the archive page here.

Hillclimb Results

Results from the Hillclimb are here. Thanks to Roger and everyone who helped put the race on.

August TCRS Results

Results from the San Rafael race are here. Thanks to our fantastic volunteers for showing up early and for your flexibility in handling the many methods that runners use to run a race.

Track Meet Results for 2013

Results from the 2013 track meets are available on the archive page here. Thanks to the many volunteers who help make the track meets go, but especially our organizaer and starter Frank Ruona, the finish line crew of Kevin Rumon, Lon Freeman, and Justine Owens, race sign-ups by Lillie O'Reilly and helpers, and sometime starter George Frazier. Only 1 more Tamalpa track meet remains for this year: September 10th.

July TCRS Results

Results from the running portion of Saturday's TCRS are here. Thanks to Brad O'Brien, Mike Holland, and the support crew for continuing support of TCRS racing, even thru an evening that almost qualified as a heat wave.

Annual Golf - Run - Biathlon

Join the Annual Tamalpa Summer Golf-Run Biathlon

Saturday - July 20th, 2013

We are just a week away from the 3:00 tee time at McInnis followed by the 6:00 run around the golf course, then onto the levees and back around near the club house.

So, far, we have a smaller group than last year…so, let’s try to rally two more groups of four! Again, this year, we are going to honor the relay division. Previous winners of the relay division include Peter Eisenberg and his beautiful, non-golfing bride Liz Shortino. The golf run relay division is a great opportunity to compete with a family member on your team!

If you know of anyone that would like to run but not golf or golf but not run. Perhaps a son, daughter, parent, aunt, uncle,invite them out to golf for you; we will record their score and then you do the ‘back nine’ with your flats! The usual golf/run plan and format,(secret handicapping committee will meet while we enjoy post-race beverages). We will add the scores from the links to the time on the trail and come up with our low gross winners.

3:00 golf
6:00 run
7:00 – 9:00 dinner, awards, music and cold beverages on the patio.

Please email or text 415-218-2761 (cell) to reserve your spot.
We have plenty of room on the golf course!
Brad O'Brien

2013 MMDR Results

Results for the 5k may be found here.

Overall 10k results are here.

PA/USATF Individual and Team results for the 10k are here.

May TCRS Results

Results from the fifth TCRS of 2013 are here. Thanks go out to Mike Holland for laying out the flour in a mostly understandable pattern, and to the large start-/finish-line group for all or your talent and contributions.

April TCRS Results

Our first course in 2013 with serious hills. Results from the fourth TCRS of 2013 are here. Thanks to the TCRS team for a great event, to Frank for the awards, to Don Lindsey, Scott Schneider, and Karen Steele for recording the sticks with good cheer, and to Joaquin and Bill for the food and drink.

March TCRS Results

Another twisty-turny course, with lots of runners racing thru the tall weeds and over the small bumps, but Tamalpa runners are getting better at keeping a sharp eye out for white arrows; this months's lost runner count was lower than that of February. Results from the third TCRS of 2013 are here. Thanks to the management team for another great event.

Tamalpa Runners at Redding

We had a few teams travel way up to Redding for the John Frank 10-mile. Race reports say it was a strong head-wind heading down the canyon on the return leg. Nevertheless, way to go Tamalpa. Results from Frank include several non-Tamalpan runners that you might know. Full results including team scores may be found here.

Place Name Bib Age Sex Team Time Pace
1 Phillip Reid 316 27 M Aggies 50:18:00 5:02
2 Alex Varner 139 27 M West Valley Track Cl 50:28:00 5:03
14 Marcelo Lerda 285 41 M Rebels 54:55:00 5:30
16 Iain Mickle 36 52 M River City 55:02:00 5:31
21 Brian Pilcher 265 56 M Tamalpa 56:50:00 5:41
40 Madeline Kramer 231 25 F Impala 1:00:12 6:02
51 Jaymee Marty 224 45 F Impala 1:02:27 6:15
67 Christine Kennedy 7 58 F Run Coach 1:04:41 6:29
89 Bruce Benter 243 53 M Tamalpa 1:08:26 6:51
106 David Ripp 295 61 M Tamalpa 1:11:37 7:10
107 Hans Schmid 105 73 M Tamalpa 1:11:45 7:11
110 Lanore Bergenske 81 56 F Tamalpa 1:12:28 7:15
116 Franklin Ruona 304 67 M Tamalpa 1:13:00 7:18
119 James Morris 23 63 M Tamalpa 1:13:54 7:24
133 Kathy Herzog 147 47 F Tamalpa 1:15:47 7:35
156 Sue MacDonald 13 61 F SWEAT 1:20:39 8:04
165 Russ Kiernan 65 75 M Tamalpa 1:22:41 8:17
180 Mary Wells 130 58 F Tamalpa 1:25:43 8:35
182 JoAnn Hall 24 71 F SWEAT 1:25:48 8:35
229 Bernie Hollander 180 77 M Tamalpa 1:38:12 9:50
232 Edda Stickle 181 71 F Tamalpa 1:38:55 9:54
279 Phil Phythian 83 79 M Tamalpa 2:01:29 12:09
287 Harry Daniel 34 84 M SWEAT 2:30:39 15:04

Hamilton TCRS Results

Results from the second TCRS of 2013 are here. Thanks to Mike Holland for a creative and challenging course, and to TCRS volunteers for the smooth operation of the race.

2013 Couples Relay Results

Results from the Couples Relay are here. Thanks to Kelly Dunleavy O'Mara for directing again and to volunteers for keeping the runners in line. Kelly has a long-sleeve polo if somebody lost their top.

Roger's Super Bowl Run Results

Nicole Palkovsky won the race while Alex Varner broke the course record with a sizziling 41:17. Thanks to Roger and all who helped out! Check out the results

Tennessee Valley TCRS Results

Results from the first TCRS of 2013 are here and photos are here.

San Quentin 1000 Mile Club

Hey, ever wonder what Frank is doing behind the walls of San Quentin?

Or watch the video on Flotrack at San Quentin.

2013 New Year Run

Jack and Gayle did it again; they rounded up stray Tamalpans from all over the county and got them to Fairfax for their first run of the new year. Click the above image for the super-sized picture. Many of the same faces from last year, plus or minus a few. May all of your runs in 2013 be PR's.

Register Now For The Couples Relay

On Sunday, February 10th, 2013 at 9:00 AM, Tamalpa Runners will be hosting the 32nd Annual Couples Relay at Vintage Oaks in Novato. The relays consist of two runners running two miles each. Lots of awards in every division and lots of divisions based on combined age, including children. Find more information and register online or using the paper registration form.

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April 26th, TCRS # 4, Lucas Valley

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